Sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent-Mother Mary of Egypt

Father Stephen Zaremba offered a homily this morning on the occasion of the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent.  Another author writing about the life of the great ascetic Saint Mary of Egypt noted that she confessed her sins on three occasions during her life but spent 47 years in repentance.  Holy Mother Mary pray to […]

The Triumph of Orthodoxy

Hat tip to Another City for re-posting this timely sermon. This sermon, delivered in 1903 on the Sunday of Orthodoxy (first Sunday of Great Lent) at the Cathedral Church in San Francisco, presents the missionary call to which all are exhorted, which itself is part-and-parcel with the gift of the Church that all Orthodox have […]

Sermon on Cheese-Fare Sunday, the Remembrance of Adam’s Expulsion from Paradise

This sermon given by Father John Krestiankin was delivered on Cheesefare Sunday 1994.  Before we get to his sermon, please note the calendar of services, especially during the first week of Great Lent, at Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing.  Anyone who would like to attend the services at Midnight, please call ahead of […]

His Grace Bishop Thomas’ Message of Support

A blessed day to you all.  I want to convey to you the wonderful experience I had in serving the Divine Liturgy at Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing.  It’s extremely important to all Orthodox Christians in this country that from the beginning of life through the end of life that we minister to […]

Saint John of Kronstadt on the Dread Judgment

  “I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who will come in glory to judge the living and the dead. (7th article of the Symbol of Faith) Who says these words? Every Christian does. Well, if every Christian says these words, then, without a doubt, so do I, and each and every one of you. […]

His Grace Bishop Thomas Serves Divine Liturgy at Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing

This morning, His Grace Bishop Thomas served the Divine Liturgy on the feast of Saint Gregory of Nyssa.  Immediately following the Liturgy, His Grace served a Trisagion Service for his mother, the newly departed Sylvia Jean Joseph. The Liturgy was followed by trapeza during which His Grace conversed with visitors and residents, taking photos with […]

Holy Theophany with the Great Blessing of Waters

Glory be to God! This morning Father Stephen Zaremba (ROCOR) served Divine Liturgy on the feast of Holy Theophany and performed the Great Blessing of Waters.  If you would like to watch the Great Blessing of the Waters, click here. Below you will find a sermon offered by Saint Seraphim Sobolev. Here are the words […]

His Grace Bishop Thomas Will Serve Divine Liturgy January 23

We are pleased to announce that His Grace Bishop Thomas will serve Divine Liturgy at Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing on the feast of Saint Gregory of Nyssa, January 23, 2018 at 10:00 am.  Immediately after the Divine Liturgy, His Grace will serve a memorial service for his mother, the newly departed handmaiden […]

Service Schedule for Nativity and Theophany

  Royal Hours  Friday, January 5, 2018  9:00 am Divine Liturgy, Saturday, January 6, 2018  9:30 am Vigil for the Nativity, Saturday, January 6, 2018 6:00 pm Divine Liturgy for the Nativity, Sunday January 7, 2018 10:00am Divine Liturgy, Second Day of the Nativity, Monday, January 8, 2018  9:30 am Divine Liturgy, Third Day of […]

We Give Thanks to Almighty God for the Blessings of 2017 and Look Forward With Faith to 2018

Glory to God for all things! 2017 was a blessing for all involved in the pan-Orthodox ministry of Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing.  Through the blessing of Almighty God and the protection of the Most Holy Theotokos, we were able to secure an already established assisted living facility in which we could begin […]