Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

Celebration of the Liturgy is the spiritual core around which the whole life of a priest is built up. It is the liturgy, the standing at God’s Altar that gives you strength to do the rest.” Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev

Joy of All Who Sorrow Cathedral

Joy of All Who Sorrow Cathedral

While His Eminence’s wise counsel concerns his life as a priest, those same words can be applied to the lives of every Orthodox Christian.  It is indeed the Liturgy and the services of the Church which build up faith, calm the passions, and lead us to illumination.  It is the very first and most important task of a Christian.

That is why the work in which we strive to engage at Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing centers around the divine services, most particularly the Divine Liturgy.  This is the fount from which we draw the strength to endure the numerous challenges and difficulties we encounter on a daily basis.  This is most especially true for the elderly and infirm who carry the burdens of physical ailments and disease as well as isolation and loneliness.  Without the holy mysteries to sustain us, we can grow despondent, lose faith in God, and quickly lose sight of the real goal in life-acquisition of the heavenly homeland to which we are called.

Father James Guirguis writes,

“As people lose their Christian faith, they are losing the ability to process and deal with life in the correct ways. We have so many struggles and temptations and battles in life. The Christian faith has for two thousand years been a place of refuge for those who struggle. If someone lost everything, they could still be full of joy because they held Christ near and dear to their hearts and kept His teachings as the compass of their lives. Christ should be our only treasure and our only hope.

As people lose their faith they also become very easy to manipulate. In the absence of God, or in the absence of a thriving Christian faith, people will find other flags around which to rally. Some will rally around isms, sexism, nationalism, feminism, marxism, socialism, racism etc. They will assume that tackling the injustice of the day will solve all of their problems, and they will be bitterly disappointed when that is not the case. Why? Because we have lost the ability to process and deal with life in the correct ways.”

Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing offers daily services beginning with the a service at Midnight, the Hours throughout the course of the day concluding with Compline in the evening.  Our lives are to be punctuated with prayer so that whatever comes our way, we are able to recognize the merciful and loving providence of God.