Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing is an Orthodox assisted living facility for Orthodox Christians nearing the end of life. We work with with Magnolia Manor, an established nursing care provider located in Clearwater, Florida, to offer material and spiritual care for Orthodox Christians.

The need for this kind of facility arose from our experience with Evangelos.

  • A few years ago, during Great Lent an Orthodox priest was sitting in the trapeza with his parishioners after Divine Services and mentioned that there existed a certain Orthodox man who was in a very bad way. His name was Evangelos. He had had an accident and was lying lifeless and forlorn in a run-down nursing home in Saint Petersburg. The priest asked that some of the parishioners visit him and pray for him. When the parishioners arrived at the nursing home, they found him lying in his bed, a shell of a man. The priest and parishioners had discovered that he was an Orthodox Christian who had no close relatives nearby to care for him. During that Great Lent, the faithful spiritually adopted him, visiting him in his bed of suffering.  At the end of Great Lent on Lazarus Saturday Evangelos reposed after receiving the Holy Mysteries of the Orthodox Church. Since he had no means of support, the question arose as to his proper burial. Phone calls were made and the monks of Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Monastery in Florence, Arizona agreed to accept his body for burial in their cemetery. The faithful added the name of the departed servant of God Evangelos to their commemoration lists and he is commemorated at every Divine Liturgy in the parish. Through the loving providence of God, Evangelos received the material and spiritual support he needed in the waning days of his earthly life.

A view of our facility.

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Our mission is to care for the material and spiritual needs of the Orthodox faithful at the end of their lives. Please contact us for more information.